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Stephen R. Burns was born in a small town in Southern Ontario. He wrote his first story when he was ten, a fantastical tale about the great Ted Williams hitting a home run and then jumping into a spaceship to save the world. (His storytelling has improved)

He developed his love of books at the local library and an old second-hand bookstore when his parents would leave him for hours to peruse the latest Edgar Rice Burroughs or Isaac Asimov novel.

Thirty years later and he still reads and writes fantastic novels, action-oriented adventures designed to move your heart as much as your mind. Aside from the older pulp fiction authors of the early 20th Century, his writing has been heavily influenced by authors like Robert B. Parker, Robert Jordan, and Brandon Sanderson.

He lives in Toronto, Ontario.





Pictured: Stephen Burns (right) with Robert Sawyer, an award-winning SFF writer

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