Rhythm and the Raptors

On the eve of being appointed as the Raptors new head coach, Nick Nurse took a trip to England with his 14 year old son for a Stones concert. Nurse talked about his love for live music, how many bands he’d seen, and how much he wanted his son to attend this once in a lifetime concert. And so it wasn’t surprising that when he talked about his team, he spoke about process, journey, and rhythm.

Every writer, every artist, understands the importance of rhythm. Every time I sit down to write an article or work on a novel or brainstorm a podcast, I need to hear it. I need to hear the music. I need to feel the flow of a craft that I’ve worked at for over two decades. And within those lines of work and practice and perfection, no matter what I write, no matter how sage it seems or how new it feels or how relevant it may be, if there’s no rhythm, there’s no life to the work.

This is also true in sport. We don’t think of athletes as artists because of their physical abilities. To play at the highest level you have to be genetically gifted. But amongst your peers, whether its writing or basketball or music, what separates the decent pro from the Pulitzer winner is less about craft and more about art. About feel. About ideas.

About rhythm.
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