SCooP: Here Comes the Podcast

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I’ve considered doing a podcast for a few years now, and yet, despite my friends’ urging, had always decided against it. Whether it was an issue of time or energy or just being unsure about the medium, I’m not entirely certain. But this past month I changed my mind, and if you asked me why, my answer would probably be, “I’m not entirely certain.” (There’s a theme here.)

That said, I’m excited about it. I’m excited to discuss the things I love and to do it with people I admire. The title of my podcast will be “SCooP: Keeping an eye on Sports, Culture, and Politics.” And if that feels general, it’s purposeful. We can longer compartmentalize. With the advent of technology and social media, everything bleeds into everything else. If you sit down to watch a game, you’re going to get some political commentary, or questions about what a player said on social media, or something going on in culture. Whether it’s #metoo or #blacklivesmatter or LeBron opening a school and getting ripped by a sitting president, there is simply no way to put these topics in separate containers and stack them on the shelf.

The intent is a lively and informative show, about ten minutes long, published once a week. Any interviews I do will be short, about five minutes (Think Wilbon and Kornheiser on PTI) but not every podcast will feature someone else.

There will also be a segment featuring two questions from my social media. These could be as varied as “the difference between hate speech and free speech” and “how many games will the Bills win with Josh Allen as their starting QB?”

And for as much as my views are obvious to anyone who has read my blogs or followed me on social media, no one wants to listen to something that isn’t a bit fun. I’m certain there will be growing pains, but I’m looking forward to the ride. Hope you all will join me!



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