The Toronto Blue Jays: A Summer of Reckoning

As the end of the Blue Jays season came to a close on Sunday, the Toronto sports headlines were predictable. When will William Nylander sign?” “How good will Kawhi be?” “The Leafs power play looks lethal!” If you were looking for something about the Blue Jays, all you could find were words about John Gibbons, their long-time manager serving his final year with the team. And as much as we all love Gibby, that certainly wasn’t what fans expected when the year started.

There’s no doubt that it was a bad summer for the Toronto Blue Jays. Injuries to their starting pitchers and key players like Donaldson, who at the end of last year looked like himself again, played a huge role in their disappointing season. It’s impossible to win in this league if you are forced to use over twenty different starting pitchers and if your stars and most highly paid players are either injured (Donaldson, Tulowitski) or underperform in historic ways. (Martin) Especially in the American League East, a division that features two teams  with a lot of money, gleaming farm systems and a ton of talent. As a prosecutor would say, those are the facts.

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