Novel #3



(Release date – SUMMER 2017)

“Sometimes heroes need to die before they can live.”

With the help of his friend Kallie, last of the Nephilim, Tommy sets out across the arid wasteland in search of one who lives among the Brumalayans, an ancient species from Kallie’s world. Their reputation as rapacious killers precedes them, and the frozen world they inhabit takes the lives of all but a few outsiders who dare to enter their city.

In the brutal environment Tommy is not the same man, and even with Kallie’s help, his heroic strength begins to fade. As the cold winds howl upon them, and with thousands of lives hanging in the balance, he will be faced with the most difficult choice of his life.

A choice that will not only determine his fate but the fate of every human left on the planet.

Sometimes heroes need to die before they can live.
(Release date – SUMMER 2017)


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